The PERU, has it all: colorful festivities, historic sites, warm beaches, virgin forests, diverse landscapes, snowy, 2nd highest train in the world, colonial cities, archaeological sites, and much more ... We are a country with 2 wonders : AMAZON, "Natural Wonder" and MACHU PICCHU: "Wonder of the Modern World."

DISCOVER PERU; welcomes them to a world of great trips in and out of our country, is show product photos and descriptions of some selected domestic and international destinations. Our satisfaction is the recognition of our visitors to a service that exceeds your expectations, we'll estructurarle products and services according to your needs, always taking into account that YOU are our special guest.

We are an experienced team, but most charismatic reported working with the sole purpose of that YOU feel confident and comfortable with our services.

Our goal, make a difference: Our products, services and expertise, they help people to shape and realize their business and leisure travel.

Our philosophy is summarized in two words: ACCOUNTABILITY AND PROFESSIONALISM, words are doing foundation of our success.
Our mission private company dedicated to the promotion and planning of national and international tourism. We offer the highest standards of quality in all our destinations. Our hallmark is the human quality in service delivery.
Our vision; Being a leading tour operating nationally and internationally, which is characterized by the liability of its members in the performance of their work, as well as for the quality of their work.
The PUTS PERU! ... SIERRA, COSTA and JUNGLE much to show, of NORTH to SOUTH much to know, from west to east much to delight. Magical country PERU, diverse and exotic.

Find out!, Proud! , Peru is for you!